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HEY FOOL! Watch out! or Green Haddock will get you!

Do not act on or use the information in the web site in any way, it may cause your computers to explode in big balls of fire, result in harm or distress to your loved ones and cause other things that you do not want to happen. Don't blame us when it goes wrong.

The content on this site began as private notes shared between a small group of individuals and little care was taken to cite references or give credit. If you believe we have some how copied your content or based our work on yours, would like a link, take-down or any thing like that email the webmaster at this domain name. We would really like to reference you, cite you, give credit to you and/or provide links to your content.

Anything we have mirrored, such as PDF manuals was only done to make sure essential information was available on our network even if we lost our internet connection. We really don't need to keep this stuff any more and would be more than happy to take it down. Send the webmaster a link to what ever it is you're not happy about.

All of the articles, configuration files, code examples, etc, started life as personal projects or someone else's work - some one who was happy to share that work. The content of this site is not the property of any employers we may have. (Trust me there would be a lot more stuff on the site.) References to real life systems are either: a) actually fake; b) no longer accurate; c) harmless references; d) any combination of a, b and c.

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