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Well - for some reason the version of konsole (2.1) that ships with kde4 is lacking in one of the feature departments that made its predecessor so useful- profiles. The older version made good use of dcop to allow profiles that would enable you to open a slew of preconfigured terminals in one go - this was extremely useful for a lab of 40 identical fedora machines for example as you could rsh/ssh into the lot simultaneously. One terminal could then be designated a master to copy input to the rest - awesome.

Konsole 2.1 apart from 'copy input to' this is completely missing, here's what kde say! note the blanks :P,  :- CLICKY HERE

Chapter 4. Scripting Konsole" For KDE 4, the old DCOP has been replaced with . However, Konsole has not been updated yet to handle this

For a somewhat primitive, non-user friendly GUI for , try Qtâ„¢'s qdbusviewer

More info to follow...

Nice work guys...nice work

To boot - the profile functionality that is present, doesn't work all too well ie - the ability to run a command automatically upon a new terminal opening just doesn't function in the gui, at least it doesn't on our fedora 9 boxes at FEPS - Surrey Uni - although the command line options do work so... I knocked a little wrapper script together that takes care of a few of these problems.

Our lab machines are labelled as the lab name followed by a 2 digit number 01-09 and 10 ==> so whale01 - 18, penguin01 - 40 etc etc.

# konsole_multi
# opens konsole tabs - russ cox #
# usage, konsole_multi <lab name> <first machine number> <last machine number> #

for I in `seq -w $CP1 $CPLAST`; do
if [ $CPLAST -lt 10 ]
 then I=0$I
konsole --new-tab -p LocalTabTitleFormat=$HOSTN -e rsh $HOSTN

It's still not fantastically tidy - if you run this in any terminal, the new tabs will open in what seems like a random konsole window - I'm still trying to work out what it uses to determine which window to place them in, it's not the last or first created - or the currently selected.

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