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Email Server


An email server on Linux is made up from a large number of components, especially when you also want to have anti virus, anti spam, virtual domains and virtual users.

These pages document building a virtual domain / virtual email server using the following stack:

(If you want to make a backup email server, then this Backup MX Server Example Config might help.)

A lot of the pages for this section relate to setting up an email server on CentOS 5. So the pages may miss some details about dependancies when installing software for your distro or compiling software. Most of the detail should be covered and it shouldn't be too difficult to translate this to other distros.

We'll be compiling some of the software, so you'll need development tools installed on your server. On CentOS you can run:

# yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'
# yum groupinstall 'Development Libraries'

We'll be wanting a database to store all of the information for email accounts and authentication.

Then we're going to need to think about authentication systems. Postfix needs saslauthd, which needs pam_mysql and courier-imap needs Courier Authlib. Incidentally, the mail delivery agent will also use Courier Authlib.

Now all of the authentication is in place, we can set up the user facing services. There are a few things that need to all come together so it might feel like we are jumping backwards and forwards, iterating the configuration of each part in steps.

We need Courier Imap and Postfix up and running in a basic state.

Then we need to install Courier Maildrop use it as the delivery agent for Postfix virtual domains.

Now it's time for some spam and virus filtering. Install ClamAv first.

There are quite a few things to do for the spam filtering. We need Postgrey, SpamAssassin, Razor, DSPAM, DCC, Amavisd-new. Once we've got Horde set up, we'll also want to set up a database for amavis.

With all of the core parts of the email system in place, we can set up webmail with Horde

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